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Queer-Identifying Youth
& Their Families
Women's Issues
Self portrait of Carrie leaning against a white wall wearing a red shirt and blue jeans

My Approach To Therapy

Life is full of challenges that can become overwhelming and lead to disruptions in our lives, relationships, and careers. Many people struggle with stress, anxiety, depression, difficult life transitions, relationship challenges, or experiences of trauma and loss. Therapy provides a safe, confidential, and deeply personal relationship that can help you find relief from suffering, become more engaged in your life, and move forward in more constructive and growth-promoting ways. As with any new undertaking, starting therapy can bring about feelings of anxiety and hope. I see therapy as an opportunity to help my clients gain a deeper understanding of themselves, develop greater awareness and insight, and make meaningful changes that lead to greater fulfillment in their lives, relationships, and careers. Through open and honest exploration and dialogue, I will help you identify the most pressing issues, connect past experiences with current challenges, and build important capacities like emotional intelligence and self-awareness.

Depression • Anxiety • Panic Attacks • Perfectionism • Sexuality • Parent & Sibling Relationships

Relationship Difficulties • Low Self-Esteem / Self-Confidence • Life Transitions • Personal Discovery & Growth • Body Image Gender Identity • LGBTQ Parent Support

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